14 Ways To Make Money Online As A Beginner

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14 Ways To Make Money Online As A Beginner

You are looking for the best 14 ways to make money online as a beginner and without much investments, well, we have a lot of them. We have written about 14 ways to make money online as a beginner and they…

I battled to make money on the internet, and it wasn’t really easy to begin.

Many people have made it, and more are making it, so you have to queue in. The major problem on the internet are scams. Many people are so wicked in that, that they gain pleasure scamming young people who are still trying to get their stand online, while the scammed are also silly.

Everyday on Facebook I see posts like, “Get $200 without investment”, Beeperbucks and so on. Beeperbucks is scam of course, and they never pay. So as there is this, there are many more scams online.

You need a guide to be able to avoid the many scams and begin an online career.

Whether you need to make a full time job on the internet, or a part time, our guide will be of a great help to you. Avoid get rich quick schemes because they don’t actually work, they will only collect what you already had.

Read through our tips gently, and you’ll gain a lot from it.

What Are The Top 14 Ways To Make Money Online As A Beginner?

This is a question asked by so many people. You need to target a career path and be focused, because only then will you be able to get the best of it. Remember that determination is a key to success.

One of the best sites from which I make money online is Valued Voice .

They pay you to advertise on your Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram accounts. You can even make money from your YouTube and blog from them, free of charge. You just sign up , add your social media accounts and wait for approval in less than 24 hours.

There are so many ways of making money online and we’d share them below .

1) Blogging

Who hasn’t heard of this trend?

Blogging is really a great way of making money online but it doesn’t pay quickly.

You will need to invest in traffic and many other things to get started. And, you can find out more about bogging or see our 5 killer tips to monetize your blog .

However you will need a domain name from BlueHost at only $11 and you start generating some income from your blog.

If you have issues getting sponsored posts on your blog, then joining Blog Dash or Izea will help you tackle that. You can also see our post on 10 free traffic sources and how you can get daily 1000+ views from Twitter even with as low as 10 followers .

Earn Money Online And Work A Home Based Business

2) Make Money Shortening URLS

Do you know that you can actually get paid to shorten urls?

Well you can find out more on that here . There are so many sites out there that would place 5 secs ads in between your links and the landing page and you get paid for that.

My favorite is Short.est and there are so many of them. You can join Short.est here .

3) Fiverr

With so many million impressions, Fiverr is a great job board for people who want to start making money online.

The sweetest part of it is that almost all jobs can be found there. Anything you can actually do can fetch you money on Fiverr . Starting from designing book covers, freelancing, selling Facebook accounts, sending Twitter bots and so on.

You can see more on Fiverr here or join here to start making your own money .

4) Blasting News

If you can not create your own blog, then you can get paid to write and generate traffic for Blasting News .

They pay you $3 for writing and then $12 for every one thousand views on your posts.

They claim that you can make up to $200 per article, but I haven’t made up to that really, though you can actually make up to that.

All you need is a Facebook account to sign up, and of course you should have that. Click Here to sign up now . Important : Sign Up For Payoneer Now And Get Free $25 Sign Up Bonus. IT’S REAL !

5) Take Surveys And Win Cash Prizes

This cannot replace your full career, but it can actually give you some extra bucks. They pay you to answer some questions and that’s all. No investment, no stress! Take Surveys For Cash is a typical example of these sites and you can find out more about it. Click Here For More Information

6) Affiliate Marketing Is Another Of The 14 Ways To Make Money Online As A Beginner

14 Ways To Make Money Online As A Beginner

You can get paid for sending customers to sellers. The amount you can make depends on the price of goods involved and there are so many affiliate companies lime ShareASale, Konga, ClickBank, iTunes and so many others.

If you are in Africa, you can join Konga to start making money online. Find out more or join here. It’s also a way of monetizing your blog.

7) Social Media Manager

Of course you everyone can use the social media, so why not make money off it? Well, you can join Paid Social Media Jobs and start making money from your social media accounts. Check It Out Here

8) Domain Flipping Is One Of The 14 Ways To Make Money Online As A Beginner

You can buy domain names and resell them at a higher rates.

You need to know the hot cakes before doing this so you will not end up wasting your money.

Get a domain for less than $10 on bluehost.com and you can resell it for $50 later on. You can even build a free blogger website to increase the market value. You can check for a domain availability here

9) Job Boards

Apart from Fiverr , you can also use other job boards like Upwork , Jobboy , etc. You can see so many other job board here and join as may as you wish to. There is unlimited money on the internet. See Next : 10 Reasons Why You Must Take Your Physical Business Online

10) Write Literature And Earn From Them

Of course you can make up to $500 from a submission once it gets accepted. You can write anything starting from poems, fictions and even non-fiction. Find out more about them here if you are a talented writer. You can also see 10 websites that will pay you $500+ per submission .

11) Freelancing Is One Of The 14 Ways To Make Money Online As A Beginner

14 Ways To Make Money Online As A Beginner

This is a very lucrative niche.

No capital, no stress, no risks! You can actually start making daily money by writing for people it’s so easy.

I actually make $2,000 a month from freelancing and I wrote a book on that. You too can queue in or purchase my $0.99 e-book that will guide you to your own freelancing heaven.

You can also see 10 magazines that pay you $500 and above for freelancing. There are many sites that can help you get article buyers like iWriter , etc.

12) Website Flipping

You can create a free blog with blogger , buy a cheap domain from bluehost.com and resell the website to someone who needs it. There are times you’d make up to ten times the amount you spent in creating it [buying domain].

13) Make Money By Selling Digital Products

If you can produce an e-book, video, music, software and so many others, you will surely get buyers from it.

You can even buy and resell digital products. That is to say, you will need to upload it on Sellfy to automate purchase and delivery, it’s so easy. Simply upload your work there and advertise, Sellfy collects payments and delivers, you get paid at the end.

14) And The Last Of The 14 Ways To Make Money Online As A Beginner Is To Write For Other People’s Websites

This isn’t that easy, but it’s also a choice. You can write for Blasting News , Huffington Post and many other websites and get paid.

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