(2019) Email Marketing – Zero to $1k-$3k/Month Strategy

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(2019) Email Marketing – Zero to $1k-$3k/Month Strategy

Basic approach for $1-$ 3k/month from Email Marketing in 2019 …

If you intend to generate constant, straightforward income from your email list in 2019, or perhaps if you do not have a list or have actually never ever made a cent from email advertising and marketing in your life …

This video clip is a must-watch for you.

We damage down exactly how to begin with absolutely nothing and also get to a predictable 1-3 grand each month utilizing one straightforward method with e-mail marketing.

Email marketing in 2019

Email marketing is far from dead as some marketers would like you to believe. On the contrary, Email marketing has gotten even stronger over the last couple of years.

What is the first thing you do when you get up in the morning or get home from work? That’s right, you check your email before anything else. It is also a fact that many people still buy all kinds of products from email marketing. So you can see email is not dead.

Is the money in the list

As Alex Becker once said “the money is in the email list”. This still remains true today as many internet marketers are averaging $1-$3 per subscriber on their list.

1000 subs        =           1-3000 Dollars

3000 subs        =           3-9000 Dollars

5000 Subs        =          5-15,000 Dollars

When you build an email list, you need to cultivate a relationship with them and build trust, One way to do this is by promoting quality products that can help them solve a problem that they are dealing with. These problems could be in any niche you choose from health, wealth or relationships.

When you write email don’t over think it. Write to your subs as though they are your friends and you have known them for awhile. You don’t need to get personal, just be friendly and give good value.

Keep It Simple.

You don’t need to make complex emails with a lot pictures and logos and the like. Keep it simple using plain text email templates with 300 – 500 word email messages. Keep it person to person and focus on their self interest. As I said before, you are trying to help them solve a problem, and hopefully your offer can do that.

Using a 7 day follow up sequence is the way a lot of successful email marketers have done it with a lot of success. I prefer to use the follow up over a 14 day cycle for a few reasons. First, they don’t get sick of you and ignor your emails. Second, I don’t feel quilty when I send a broadcast email to my list, fearing that they think i am spamming them.

What you will need to get started

You will need a few things to get started and some of these are really obvious.

An Opt in Page,

An opt-in page is simply a page you create to collect email addresses so that you can re market to them with the follow up series. A good looking squeeze page will convert better and get you more conversions which is important to an email marketing business.


An autoresponder is a must for any business. This is a platform that can automate your email marketing campaigns for however long you like. You can set up a campaign for a month, two months or a year if that suites you. A couple of the most popular autoresponders that are being used include Aweber…You can try this out for 15 days free and see if you like it…Click here for more information…GetResponse is also a very popular autoresponder that you can try for 30 days free of charge. Click here for more information on GetResponse.


Offers are how you get paid and ClickBank is a great place to go to find quality affiliate products that you can offer to your list. There are other affiliate marketing services that you can use to find products to sell which include JV Zoo and Worrier + to name a few.

I use a tool that has all three included, an opt-in page, autoresponder and the offer. The Conversion Pro is a tool that you can use to create opt-in pages for as many products you want and this is useful if you are marketing on social media. The conversion Pro also has a buildt in email autoresponder that integrates with any of your campaigns. You can also make money selling the Conversion Pro to your email list. If you would like to get more information on the Conversion Pro Click Here


As we have shown you, email marketing is not dead. Take the time to learn more on how email marketing can scale your internet marketing business and make you successful.

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