21 Ways to Make Quick Money From Home

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21 Ways to Make Quick Money From Home

With mounting bills and expenses, and salaries that seem to be increasing at a very sorry rate, you need to find ways to make quick money from home. Who wouldn’t want to make a quick buck to tide matters over? You could be in any circumstance or juncture in life – you could be a student, a new mom or even fresh out of college – and there will be moments that make you wonder what the point of this rat race is. Enduring the same old 9-5 life to get paid peanuts at the end of the month?

Surely there must be a way to cover all your expenses without having to do too much.

Actually, there’s more work and ways to earn money in the economy than you recognize. Every activity you perform in everyday life, like taking a stroll in the park, shopping for clothes online or dumping your day’s clothes on an extra chair in your room, can be turned into an opportunity to earn some money. So if you’re in a sticky spot with money, here are some handy ways to make a quick buck.

The first way to make quick money is by Selling Old Books on Amazon

Have old books lying around the house you haven’t gotten around to discarding? Instead of just giving them away, sell them on Amazon. The website offers lucrative deals and trade-in options for your old, used objects like books, gadgets etc. If you have expensive, hard-bound books that have been sitting around since college, Amazon is a great way to take them off your hands.

But it’s your responsibility to make sure they’re in good condition. Getting poor reviews from the buyers doesn’t bode well for if you want to sell more things on the website.

Become a Driver-Partner with a Cab Aggregator

Driving with Uber, Lyft or any other local cab aggregator in your area is a quick way to make some extra cash. If you’re a student, even better – you can always drive in the evenings or at night. You will need to have good driving skills, a valid driver’s license and a clean record, of course, and a relatively new car. If you meet all of those criteria, you can sign up to be a driver-partner. You can become a driver with Uber here .

Become a Market Research Participant

This is a handy way for students (or anyone with some time off) to make a quick buck. All you have to do is agree to participate in a market research focus group. The way this usually works is that you’ll be put in a room with other participants and will be asked to try out a product, fill out a survey and offer your opinions.

Some focus group leaders may even engage in a group discussion. It doesn’t require much effort other than the act of being present and participative. At the end of the day, you get paid for your time!

The 4th way to make quick money is by Reviewing Websites and Apps

If you’re browsing the internet for leisure, you might as well surf through a website and get paid for it too. Several new websites and apps want people to test them out and give feedback. User Testing is one such platform that pays $10 for each website or app you test. Each review takes about 20 minutes, at the end of which the money gets transferred to your Paypal account. Isn’t that easy? It’s a quick way to make money doing something fun and new.

Another great way to make quick money is by Walking Dogs

If you’re a dog lover and have experience handling the canine-kind, offer your services as a dog walker to families or individuals with tight schedules. It happens often that people hardly have a moment to breathe in their hectic lives. But if they have a dog waiting back at home, relying on them to go out for a walk, they’re in an even tighter spot. Alleviate their misery by taking their tolerant dog out for a walk – for a fee, of course! Nothing comes for free, not even a great day in the park with a friendly poodle.


If taking care of dogs isn’t your cup of tea, sign up to take care of your own kind (though it doesn’t promise to be any easier). You can always help a neighbor or a relative out of a stitch by offering to take care of the kids while they’re gone. If you feel awkward asking them for money, websites like Care.com put parents and babysitters in touch, in over 15 countries. But think about this carefully if you don’t have experience with kids. Children, especially babies, can be a lot of work. So know what you’re getting into beforehand.

Tutoring is a way to make quick money.

Are you really good at mathematics? Have a flair for English? You will, in all likelihood, find a kid who could do with some help in school. Put your academic skills to use and charge by the hour as a tutor. You can easily do this on the weekends, even with a full-time job. But only do it if you’re confident of getting through to a child. You don’t want to mess with a kid’s academic performance now, do you?

If going over to people’s homes is not something you want to commit to, bring the classroom to you! Sell a course on sites like Udemy , which pays you each time your course material gets used.

Host a Webinar

Ways to Make Quick Money

Do you have something to say? A discussion you think audiences can be clued into? Try hosting a webinar! The prospect of it may sound daunting at first, but an audience that comes to your webinar is there because it wants to be. So if you have old videos that are simply piling up in your hard drive, upload them as a webinar! Try sites like GoToWebinar and Webinar Jam to guide you. It takes a little practice and getting over nerves but if you position yourself well, this is an easy way to make a lot of money fast.

Home Cleaning and Organising

Do you have impeccable organization skills? Is your home, big or small, always neat and tidy? If you’re cash-strapped, put your neat-freak impulses to lucrative use and get paid to organize people’s homes. It often happens that working people can’t make time to do household chores, putting them off until all the work gets accumulated and seems impossible to finish.

Share your organizational skills with the world and charge them for it too! If you’re managing a full-time job as well, you can go over to your client’s home every other weekend.

Donate Blood/Plasma

Ways to Make Quick Money

One of the easiest ways to make money is to donate blood, plasma or other bodily fluids that can be preserved in a bank. Most cities and local governments around the world attempt to organize blood drives and camps where you can donate blood and get paid for every pint you give. You can even walk up to a clinic or a blood bank to donate. The rates may differ depending on your blood type.

Not only will you make some extra cash for little work, but you will also be helping someone else in need. There are, however, some health requirements you must meet before donating blood. So make sure you go over all of them.

Participate in Medical Studies

Pharmaceutical companies are constantly on the lookout for people to test their drugs on, before sending it for approval. This is a bit risky since it does involve dealing with some mild side-effects. You will be asked to sign a waiver before starting the drug trial, but you will usually be warned about the kind of side-effects to expect.

If this is something you can adjust to, participating in medical studies can earn you a considerable sum of money at short notice.

Rent on AirBnB is a popular way to make quick money.

If you have a room to spare, consider opening it up to some tourists looking for a place to stay – on AirBnB and other such services. It doesn’t need much work, just as long as you have a clean, livable room. You can speak to the guest directly through the booking portal and assess if you’d be comfortable opening up your home to them. If it works out, you can go about doing everyday things while your extra room brings some extra cash into the coffers. Who knows, maybe you will even befriend your guests and learn something about a different culture. Not a bad way to make some quick money!

Sell Old Personal Items at a Thrift Store

If you have old clothes and toys lying around the house, instead of giving them away, make some money off of them. You can pawn them off at thrift stores. Most pawn shops or thrift stores will have takers who value old clothes and items. Depending on the condition of your things, you can make a fair amount of money. Don’t hold on to the past, folks! Someone else could put your old clothes to better use and you can earn some quick money. You can even sell old music and movie CDs. Some of it could even be old enough that collectors find a use for them as vintage items!

While you’re at it, why not make the most of your trip to the pawn shop? Along with your own things, pool in resources from friends and neighbors too. If you don’t make a sale, you can always return the items to their rightful owner. Interestingly, an IT worker was in the news in 2015 for making $2500 a night dumpster diving!

Sell Scrap Metal

Another advantage of dumpster diving is finding scrap metal that can fetch you a few bucks. Gather scrap metal from your garage – wire, bags of soda cans, old steel wheels, tire spokes etc. Copper and aluminium are likely to get you the most returns, so scour your own garage and then devote your search to your neighbors’ and friends’ backyards. Metal is melted and reused for a variety of things, like for construction, in metal hinges, for pans and buckets and more. You’re bound to find something of value, so keep looking!

Selling Furniture is a common way to make quick money from home.

The concept of selling things from your house is not confined to just clothes and books. Take a look around your living room; in all likelihood, it has the potential to be decluttered. You probably have a bean bag occupying space in the corner or an old desk that’s simply gathering dust. Find the right place to sell these things. It could be an old furniture store or someone looking to buy second-hand furniture on e-commerce websites like eBay or Amazon. Not only will you make some extra cash fast, but you will also sort out the chaos in your home.

Sell Your Gold and Silver

Turn your gold and silver coins or jewelry into cash. This, in all likelihood, should fetch you a fair amount of money. Check the rate of gold and silver and if it seems favorable (and you feel cash-strapped), simply take the plunge and convert your precious metals into cash.


Have a musical talent or some enviable dance moves? Consider busking at stations or public places for money. It doesn’t sound very glamorous. You may think this should be the last resort. But busking, as a culture, has been ongoing for decades and has helped the world discover all kinds of talent. From BB King to Pierce Brosnan , several well-known names today began their artistic careers as street performers. So there’s more dignity in busking than you thought. What’s more, it can be an incredibly fun and satisfying experience for the artist in you!

Browse the Web is a way to make quick money

Wouldn’t it be cool if you could continue browsing the internet like you usually do, but also make some cash while doing it? In today’s world of social media, this is possible too. Platforms like Qmee offer such opportunities to “earn real cash” for searching the internet. All you have to do is install a simple add-on to your browser. While you’re searching the internet normally, your browser will throw up some sponsored links. If you’re interested in redeeming your cash points, simply click on the link! It’s that simple. Qmee offers other deals too; watch this video to find out more.

An awesome way to make quick money is doing Affiliate Marketing

If you have a considerable social media presence or if you have a blog you keep fairly active, affiliate marketing could be a quick way to earn money. Sign up for an affiliate marketing program like Amazon Associates and get started. Your job is to recommend products and services in your social media posts. Every time a reader or viewer makes a purchase via your social media profile, you earn a commission. This may not put money in your hands the next day, but is sure a quick way to make some cash.

These are my go to tools for affiliate marketing. They have everything you need to take your affiliate marketing to the next level. Affiliate Funnel Clones comes with DFY opt-in pages and the products to market. The Conversion Pros allows you to create funnels for any product you wish to promote.  Both programs come with all the training needed to get off to a great start.

Pick up a Side Gig

You can find side gigs on sites like Fiverr and Upwork that connect freelancers to potential jobs. Fiverr, especially, has a host of openings for all kinds of jobs – teaching music, shooting short video clips, translation, etc. Browse through such sites and pick up a side gig. Who knows, maybe your side gig will turn into a full-time job if you enjoy it enough!

The last way to make quick money is to Sell Photographs

If you have an eye for photography, sell your images on sites like ShutterStock and iStockPhoto . These sites usually pay decent money. Of course, you need to have the skill and talent to take good pictures, along with a good camera.

If you don’t want to sell your photos, sell the service. Find people looking for a photographer for their wedding, their kid’s birthday or an anniversary. There’s a lot of money in event photography and you get to do something you’re good at and enjoy!

Final Thoughts

So there you go, a handy list of things you can do to make money fast. The list, of course, is not exhaustive. There are several options, outside of this list, that are good ways to earn a quick buck. But in general, all such tricks will require you to be resourceful, to jump at an opportunity when you see one (without doing anything illegal, of course) and to not lose patience. Some of these ways to earn money are quicker than the others, but they’re all quick enough to get you out of a bind.

The key thing to remember is to assess the skills you have. Is there some knowledge you have which can be sold? Could you teach a class or become an extra on a movie set? If not, take a tour into your life and make a note of the things you have no need for. Think of old things that are only occupying space and adding no value to your home or your life. It’s time to let them go! Feeling cash-strapped can be quite frustrating, but thankfully there are more ways than one to earn some quick money on the side.

So don’t let logistics hold you back.

Hustle and get that cash flow going!

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