4 Free WordPress Plugins For Your Blog Or Website

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Download These 4 Free Plugins To Your Blog Or Website

Are you looking for a way to create content, get more leads, more sales and more conversions?  Please find below, a list of 4 free wordpress plugins that you can download to your blog or website.

These plugins are easy to install on your wordpress blog. Download the plugin onto your computer, then go to the backoffice of your blog and download the plugin to your blog. Once it is installed you can click on the plugin “icon” and get access to information on how to use the plugin.

4 Free WordPress Plugins For Your Blog Or Website

What Are WordPress Plugins?

I’m sure most of you know what a wordpress plugin is and what it does. So to refresh your memory. A plugin is a piece of software that contain a multitude of functions that you can easily add to your wordpress blog.  They can put different types of functionality on your site, such as lead generation and scarcity to name a few. Our plugins integrate seamlessly into any blog using wordpress.

Here Are 4 Of The Most Popular Free WordPress Plugins-

Currently Viewing

Do you want to make more sales and increase conversions on your website or blog? This is  a tool that can help you do that and then some.

Currently Viewing WP Plug-In

What the Currently Viewing WordPress Plugin dose is create scarcity and urgency to any offer you are promoting. This is basically a dime sale where you offer a product at a discount rate for a limited amount of people and when those copies are gone the price goes up. The plugin will then show how many live people are currently viewing the page. Thus creating the desire to purchase the product before the price goes up.  It also works great if you are offering a certain amount of bonuses with the purchase of the product.  say you have 50 bonuses available and the plugin states that there are 37 people viewing the page, if you don’t get yours now they will be gone. Urgency and Scarcity.

The Currently Viewing Plugin also works well for building your email list.  Offer a free ebook that has value to your future subscribers. Promote it as a limited amount and tell them to get it before they are all gone.

Now if the free Currently Viewing WordPress Plugin is a tool you are interested in to convert sales buy using scarcity and urgency, then click the link below.

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Slide Capture Is The 2nd Of The 4 Free WordPress Plugins
4 Free WordPress Plugins For Your Blog Or Website

Are you tired of your traffic bouncing away from your blog in just mere minutes?  Google shows that 60 percent of traffic to websites and blogs bounce away within the first minute because the site didn’t grab their attention.  The last thing you want is to have leads leave before taking any action.

That is why the Slide Capture WordPress Plugin was designed. It will help grab the attention of your leads, create less bounces, make sales, or add subscribers to your email list.

The Slide Capture Plugin is really easy to set up and will be shown on all your pages and posts. This software will present a video on the left side of your page that auto plays your promotion. Above the video is your call to action, while below is the redirect button that will take them to an opt-in page to collect their email address. You can also send them to an offer or promotion you are selling to convert sales.

Another awesome aspect of this plugin is that it won’t make your blog look cluttered. You can set this software to show only to new traffic and not to leads that have seen it already. You can set it up to show once every 7 days, 14 days, or 30 days, how often is completely up to you.

Get your Slide Capture WordPress Plugin for free by simply clicking the link below…

==> Get Your Free Plugin Here <==

Jack Jacker Is The 3rd Of The 4 Free WordPress Plugins

Jack Jacker

Do you struggle with writing good quality content and gaining any type of authority in your niche?  The Jack Jacker WordPress Plugin might be just what you are looking for to give you great content and authority. This could help newbie and intermediate affiliate marketers, CPA marketers, and various niche marketers as well.

As you know, in order for people to check out your offers you have to have authority.  The people that visit your page have to trust you and believe that what you are saying is great information. If these people don’t trust you then it will be nearly impossible to make any sales.

The Jack Jacker Plugin could solve both the content and authority problems for you. When you install this plugin on to your blog, it allows you to jack a relevant article from an authority site and post on your site.  The video in the link below can explain how this works much better than I can.

Now you can post the article you jacked to your blog on your favorite social media platforms sending free traffic to your blog. When they see the bar at the top of the page with your call to action in it, you have a better chance of getting clicks because you created trust.

Get the complete details on how the Jack Jacker WordPress Plugin works by clicking the link below…

==> Get Your Free Plugin Here <==

Mailit Is The 4th Of The 4 Free WordPress Plugins
4 Free WordPress Plugins

Are you tired of paying monthly for an autoresponder and then being punished with high bounce rates and fewer opens, all because someone else is abusing the platform. Put your email list back in your control with the Mail It WordPress Plugin.

Some marketers have misconceptions about self hosting email services. They feel that they won’t get the delivery that they would get with Aweber or GetResponse.  They also think that sending from a self hosting platform will get their emails blacklisted and their IP Address banned. This is proven to be a myth in the video below. Click the link for all the information on how to use the Mail It Plugin.

==> Get Your Free Plugin Here <==


I believe that using these 4 free WordPress plugins will help you in your internet marketing business.  These software tools could help scale your website or blog to the next level.  The best part is that they are free and easy to install and use. Everything you need is here to get content, traffic, leads, conversions and sales and a way send messages to your leads.

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