Beginner affiliate marketing: start home business & succeed

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Beginner affiliate marketing: start home business & succeed

Access on mobile and TV Certificate of Completion

  • You will be able to do affiliate marketing and succeed in it.
  • Then you will begin implementing the strategies to generating an income with affiliate marketing.
  • You will know how to make money with affiliate marketing.
  • Learn the difference of CPA, CPC and other kinds of affiliate marketing paradigms.
  • Then learn top effective promotional strategies with ads or organic traffic.
  • Learn how to choose a good affiliate niche.
  • And learn about common pitfalls and how to avoid them, saving you time and money.
  • Learn pros and cons of the 5 major affiliate sites like Amazon and ClickBank.
  • Join my bi-weekly office hours GoogleHangout call and get personalized advice.
  • Save time by avoiding common mistakes.
Beginner Affiliate Marketing_


Be excited about succeeding in affiliate marketing. It would help if you had a website or were building one



This course will teach you strategies to make money with affiliate marketing. Also, help you create a great passive income revenue stream.

Office Hours With Personal Help.

What really sets this course apart is the bi-weekly regular office hours I hold with students in this course. That is to say, the office hours are a group call with other students where you can make connections and get extra business advice from a real expert. During the office hours you can ask me any business question you want, and I will do my best to help you. The office hours are free, I don’t try to sell anything. It is just another thing I do to make your course experience better.

I form many amazing and long-term business relationships with people in my courses and I hope one day I can meet you.

Who This Course Is For? People who want to start a home based business and make passive income. They also don’t know how/where to start. In addition, for people who are already working on their affiliate business, and need extra insights, help and guidance

Do You Have Questions About What You Will Get From This Affiliate Marketing Course?

Send me a private message with any questions you might be wondering about the course. Also, I’ll tell you whether the course will help your particular situation or not.

How This Affiliate Marketing Course Is Structured

The course will take between one and two hours to complete. So, this course is based on 25+ lectures covering various topics in marketing. The lectures are all video which is the preferred type of course material in Udemy.

Affiliate Marketing

What You Will Get From This Affiliate Marketing Course

You will have a very solid understanding of how to make money with affiliate marketing. Also, you will know where to find good affiliate products to sell. Therefore, you will be able to understand which offers have the most earnings potential. Then you will increase and grow your affiliate revenue

There Are Four Main Parts To This Affiliate Marketing Course

  • PART 1: Affiliate marketing basics and fundamentals.
  • PART 2: Choosing a niche, why it is important to choose a good niche, how to set up your website, and get started with promoting affiliate products.
  • PART 3: How to actually do the affiliate marketing. Some of the topics covered are: how to choose affiliate offerings and products, different affiliate aggregators, and how maximize affiliate earnings.
  • PART 4: How to do marketing to drive traffic to the products you are promoting. You will need to be a great marketer so that you can get a high volume of traffic from whom to make money.

All marketers need some tools when starting out. Most importantly, is an autoresponder that comes with a landing page builder. So you can collect emails and then retarget your subscribers with other products. One of the products I use is the Conversion Pros. This software comes complete with a landing page builder, autoresponder, DFY emails and a lot more. Also, you can promote The Conversion Pros and make a 50% commission on each one you sell.

Beginner Affiliate Marketing_

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Personal Touch You Won’t Get Anywhere Else

In addition to the course lectures, you get my help and advice! That is to say, students are able to start discussions and message me with private questions. Also, I answer 99% of questions within 24 hours. And I love helping students who take my courses and I look forward to helping you.

If you would like a little more information on how to use Clickbank then check out this post…


I can’t guarantee results. Results vary with each individual student.

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