Blog Link Magic Review

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In this Blog Link Magic Review, you will learn how to use this WordPress plugin on your blog. Increase your conversions and sales using the Blog Link Magic WordPress plugin.

Let’s review what Blog Link Magic is.

Blog Link Magic is a WordPress plugin that you can use to easily monetize your blog. That means you can use this plugin on blog posts of any age. It dose not matter if you published the post last year or last week. You can use this linking plugin on all your content.

Blog Link Magic Review

This suggests that you can potentially monetize some particular keywords in your content without having to do it by hand. That is to say, modify specific blog posts as well as include keyword links to that blog post.

Seems like an affordable means to monetize your content. However as soon as you establish the keyword links in the settings menu, they will certainly be applied across your entire blog.

All the same, this approach of monetization is not a brand-new idea. As this has actually been around for numerous years. So. it is a tried and tested, as well as, a fast means to monetize existing content.

Nevertheless, remember that while you could be monetizing your content. You are additionally sending people away from your internet site as well.

What is Blog Link Magic

As stated above, Blog Link Magic is a WordPress plugin that is designed to place hyperlinks to your existing content website wide.

It is among many items developed by WPToolkit.

Blog Link Magic Review

Who uses this WordPress plugin?

Blog Link Magic is especially designed for affiliate marketing experts that are trying to find ways to monetize content on their WordPress blog sites quickly.

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How dose this linking plugin work?

The concept of just how Blog Link Magic works is rather simple as well as opposed to me describing how it functions, it’s possibly best to just watch the video presentation listed below

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Let’s review how to make money with Blog Link Magic

The method to earn money with Blog Link Magic is to set up the plugin on your WordPress blog. And after that add or import affiliate links that are connected to specific keyword phrases.

The concept being, that when a visitor clicks on a keyword link, they are sent to an affiliate product that you are advertising. If they purchase the item, then you will make a compensation as an affiliate.

In my opinion this technique depends on what sort of deal you’re sending your site visitor to.

If the affiliate item you send them to has a solid relationship to the content they’re reviewing, then they may be a “cozy customer”. That is to say, they may not require a great deal of added persuasion to buy a product. Nevertheless, it there’s no actual connection after that they will not.

It will rely on the affiliate program the individual is being sent to. For example, you may obtain even more conversions sending your visitors to an Amazon affiliate link. Rather than to a ClickBank affiliate link. As you know, I did a review on a WordPress plugin that specializes on Amazon products. Check out the article called Covert Context V2 Review

Blog Link Magic Review

What I Like about Blog Link Magic review.

  • I like that you can update your whole site with affiliate links with a solitary click of a button.
  • And the software application is evergreen which implies that they will continue to be updated and also maintained.
  • Plus you can additionally alter any type of keyword links by going to your setups area. And also making a solitary change there.
  • Also, I like that the user interface is fairly intuitive to utilize. And that you can import a variety of affiliate links at once.
  • Finally, it works with any links from ClickBank, Warrior Plus, JVZoo, ShareASale and so on.

What is the cost of the plugin and upsells?

It is now time to review what the price of the Blog Link Magic plugin is and what the upsells are. This WordPress plugin is currently in the launch mode, meaning that the cost in a dime sale. That is to say, you can pick it up for only $12.00 now, but the price will increase to $17.00 by the end of the launch in a week. As you know, it dose include the Done For You Link Library.

The first upsell is the WPToolkit Ultimate Ads Plugin that sell for $47.00. This is a product that you may want to look into.

An finally, the second upsell is the WPToolkit GPL that sells for $97.00. This is another product that I suggest you take the time to look into.

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