Book Marketing, 9 Ways To Make Money As A Writer

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Book Marketing

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9 Ways To Make Money Book Marketing As A Writer

Okay, so writing doesn’t seem to pay. Because you spend hours researching, writing, and editing.

Then you spend time trying to sell your writing to a magazine, website, or book publisher.

Book Marketing

And finally, you spend time marketing and promoting your work.

So is there a way to make a few bucks from being a writer?

1. Seek Donations

That’s right, act like a non-profit and ask people to give you money – like a tipping jar. If you have a PayPal account you can create a PayPal Donate button and embed it into your site.

2. Marketing Book Using Digital Subscriptions

Get people to pay for content as a subscriber, the way magazines or newspapers would charge people. Simply use or or You can share content on a regular basis – daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly – or find a way to post content at your leisure but to charge in set amounts for increments of time.

3. Online Course

Similar to charging for an e-book, you charge for an online course that could include video, worksheets, podcasts, or written content. So here are some helpful sites. They include,,, And of course,

4. Sell Your Work

You can write for publication with magazines or sell your work as a freelancer to a news organization. Also you can sell your book to a publisher.

5. Book Marketing By Self-Publishing

Create a book or file and sell it online via a self-publisher like Amazon’s Kindle Publishing. Also you can sell information products through or

6. Consulting/Coaching

Create written materials as part of your one-on-one trainings with people. That is to say you write about losing weight. Then you can consult a group or an individual and support your teachings with written documents.

Book Marketing

7. Company History

You can offer to write a company or organization’s history-for-hire.

8. Write For Free

Use your writing to showcase your abilities, knowledge, and writing style. Then give it away with the hopes it lures paying customers for some service or bigger writing project.

9. Get Advertising

If you have a big enough online following you can charge for advertising to your blog or website. To accept advertisers, look into or

You can also use your writing to boost your credentials and visibility with the hopes of using it to get hired, promoted, or as a lead-in to launching a business.

Being a good, prolific writer should net you some greenbacks. In fact, you can make money off of the writing of others. That is to say, you can join a program that gives you commissions on book sales (affiliate marketing).

If you would like to know more on how to get published, then you might be interested in K Money Mastery. The most proven, step-by-step system to making money with Kindle Publishing,  Now go write your way to success!

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