How to do Affiliate Marketing without a Website? – Money Making Affiliate Products

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How to do Affiliate Marketing without a Website? – Money Making Affiliate Products

How to do Affiliate Marketing without a Website?

Before I answer this question, how to do Affiliate Marketing without a website? I would like to take a short moment to give you a small brief overview about Affiliate Marketing.

Affiliate Marketing Without A Website

Affiliate marketing іѕ a соореrаtіvе еffоrt bеtwееn merchant and аn affiliate’s wеbѕіtе. It hаѕ bесоmе рорulаr fоr Intеrnеt ѕіtеѕ trying tо сrеаtе ѕоmе еxtrа income fоr their site, perhaps changing a hоbbу tо a profitable, ѕеlf-ѕuрроrtіng buѕіnеѕѕ. Affiliate marketing has рrоvеd to bе a cost-efficient, measurable method оf dеlіvеrіng lоng-tеrm results. Rеѕеаrсh роіntѕ tо this mеthоd of mаrkеtіng will bе an іnduѕtrу trеnd.

Now to answer your question, How to do Affiliate Marketing without a website?

The answer to your question is “yes”. Go to Clickbank , which is one of the largest and most popular platforms that connects product sellers and affiliate marketers. Of course, there are countless resources and membership programs. And they are ready to teach you how to make the best of Clickbank as both an affiliate and vendor.

Select a niche affiliate product from Clickbank’s Marketplace category.

The two most common categories are e-commerce / e-business and the health niche. Make sure to select a niche affiliate product by ensuring it has a gravity of anywhere between 60–80 and with recurring billing. Then grab the affiliate link and ensure to use a tracking code to monitor your affiliate product traffic. This I would term as direct linking.

Direct linking means that you can join affiliate programs. Then, create ads for their products, and send click-throughs directly to the merchant’s site. There’s no need to build an intermediary site or use your own site to direct traffic.

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When your click-throughs convert, you get a commission.

Now go to Bing Ads and start creating a campaign. Unlike Google Adwords, the cost per keyword is very low. But, you can get a lot of impressions and clicks for a specific keyword niche with a low keyword bid.

If you want your affiliate ads to be seen, here’s what you have to do.

Step 1: Start with a big, broad market.

Choose a broad market where there’s a lot of searching going on. You want to get as many eyeballs as possible.

Step 2: Do some keyword research.

Don’t build your ads on broad, untargeted keywords, though. The competition for those will be fierce–and expensive. Your objective here is to find neglected, low-cost keywords within a broad, high-traffic market. Of course. that’s why it really helps to have keyword research experience. The free Google AdWords Keyword Tool is also a quick and handy way of getting ideas for keywords with high search volume and low cost per click. Just keep in mind that you can’t use this strategy with Google.

Step 3: Write a PPC ad that drives buyers to the affiliate merchant’s site.

Take a good look at the landing page your ad is pointing at. And make your ad directly relevant to it.

Affiliate Marketing Without A Website

Your ad must:

  • 👉address the specific problem you’ve identified.
  • 👉include the keyword you’ve bid on, preferably more than once.
  • 👉reflect the keywords of the landing page.
  • 👉highlight a benefit of the product.
  • 👉include a strong call to action.

Promoting Affiliate Programs with Video Marketing

Video marketing or YouTube marketing is the future. You can still do affiliate marketing even without a website.
Although blogs or websites still hold their own when it comes to affiliate marketing. Video marketing combined with email marketing is a powerful combination.

If you don’t have a website, most affiliate networks require a YouTube channel to get approved.

Please click here for sample of my Youtube channel.

👉 Find a Niche:

Look for a niche in which you know there’s a need for people looking for solutions. Most importantly, a niche wherein you have a product that you can promote to an affiliate network.

👉 Keywords:

After deciding on a niche, look at Google AdWords Keyword Tool and check the keywords you want to rank on it. Use these for your videos—the way the blogs write on their article bodies, but on your video, attach it on your video description box.

👉 Make your Video:

Create your videos. It doesn’t have to be fancy. You don’t have to appear on it. You can create videos via PowerPoint slides. Make it eye catching!

Affiliate Marketing Without A Website

Check Out Screencast O Matic Here,,,

👉 Promote your Videos:

After creation of video, now comes the promotion part. You can promote your affiliate link on your free e-book that you give on your video. Place the link of your freebie offer on your description box. Promote it via email marketing to get subscribers by getting their emails and send them to your affiliate link.

This is where the money comes in. Because if they click on your affiliate link and buy, you get a commission!

Get your FREE 30-Day Trial Here at Getresponse which I personally use and was impressed with their responsive Support Agents.

There you have it. Good luck on your efforts. Just keep it up and don’t give up right away. Because affiliate marketing is for long term and not a get rich quick scheme.

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