Is Affiliate Marketing Worth It?

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The Question Is…Is Affiliate Marketing Worth It?

No matter what you may have heard about affiliate marketing, it’s impossible for everyone to make 5,000 – 10,000 dollars a month, as there is simply too much competition. There is also no money that will fall into your hands without you doing anything for it. That being said, is affiliate marketing worth it?

Affiliate marketing programs are a great way to get income for your website, but is affiliate marketing worth it? The more people that drop by your blog or website, the greater your chance will be at creating an excellent income.

What is affiliate marketing for bloggers and is it worth it?

Is Affiliate Marketing Worth It

Affiliate marketing programs are where a company
offers to pay you a set amount for either a click
through from your blog, or a set amount for
visitors signing up, or even a percentage of a
purchase made by visitors as a result of being
referred from your blog.

Even if visitors don’t make a purchase immediately,
almost all programs offer cookie duration, normally
consisting of 30 – 90 days. What this means, isthat as long as the visitors have the cookie in their cache, you’ll still receive a profit from the sale. So, I do believe affiliate marketing is worth it.

Finding products to promote

The biggest amount of time in maintaining your blog will be searching and implementing affiliations with various companies. Even though there’s a lot
of money to be made in affiliate marketing. You still have to take the time to search for the right niche for affiliate marketing.

One thing that you may not be happy with, is the idea of other companies banners littering your blog or website. If you use too many banners or links on any web page, it can confuse and help to irritate your visitors. More than one animated element on a web page can be very distracting as well.

Tracking your links

Affiliate tracking can also be a problem. Once you have applied to become an affiliate for a company, they’ll usually supply you with a personalized link. It’s very important that you implement this link into your page correctly, or you may be sending visitors to the company without recieving any profit.

A majority of snippets in the link will contain a unique user ID, which the company uses to distinguish which blog sent the traffic.

Make affiliate marketing worth it with these 3 tips

In this section, you’ll find some high level tips for affiliate marketing. These marketing tips will help you take your affiliate marketing to the next level.

Tip #1 Google and Overture

Is Affiliate Marketing Worth It

Even though the days of free traffic aren’t completely over, they are surely fading away quickly. You can choose to work hard creating blog pages that score well in the search engines, although it’s very hard to do. But, this method can be very profitable if done right.

By paying for clicks with Google and Overture, you’ll have the top three positions on the search engines that matter the most. If you hope to generate blog traffic from Yahoo, all you need to do is be at the
top of Google.

Tip #2 Your own email list

Sending offers to your very own email list is the ideal way to build freedom and residual income. Instead of sending traffic away then hoping for the best, you should instead have your own email list to which you are able to send multiple offers.

GetResponse and Aweber are 2 of the top email autoresponders for affiliate marketers. Both offer 30 day free trials but after the trial, you will be charged a monthly fee between $15 and $20. Or you can save some money and download the Mailit WordPress Plugin for free. This plugin is super to install and use with NO monthly charges.

Tips For Affiliate Marketing
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A final worthy tip for affiliate marketers is your own affiliate program

If you knew that each filled out form on your blog generated .50 cent in revenue, would you still be willing to pay someone else .25 cents to generate
that same traffic?

The most overlooked ways of generating traffic is having others generate it for you. There are many advantages to this method, including the fact that
others will be getting your traffic for you.


When it all comes down to it, everything involves paying for traffic in one way or another. To make more income, you’ll need to invest very wisely in advertising.

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