Make Money Online The Fast And Easy Way

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Make Money Online The Fast And Easy Way

Make Money Online The Fast And Easy Way
Make Money Online The Fast And Easy Way

Learning how to make money online the fast and easy way does not have to be hard to do. All you need is plan. First, you need to take action on your plan. And secondly, you need to make sure that you stick to that plan.

Here is a plan that I have used over and over again to make myself plenty of cash online. And you can do the same too.

Find A Hungry Niche

Get out a pen and paper and write down all of your interests, hobbies and things you are good at. And then take that list, get out your favorite keyword tool (or use the free Google External Keyword Tool). And then find some high searched keyword phrases.

Take your completed list of keyword phrases and pick a niche.

Make Money Online The Fast And Easy Way
Find A Product To Sell

Now go to,, and Then look for products to sell that fit the niche that you picked.

If you can not find anything at those sites, then do a search on Google by entering the name of your niche followed by the word “affiliate program”.

I use the Affiliate Titan 3 software tool to find the best selling affiliate products online. But, it’s actually, 6 software tools in one, and they include,

  • King Of The Zon Software
  • ClickBank 500 software
  • King Of The Zoo Software
  • Launch Pulse
  • 1 Click Affiliate
  • Rapid Video Creator

Check Out Affiliate Titan 3 Here…

Set Up Your Site

By now you should have found a niche with some high searched keyword phrases and a product that you can sell as an affiliate.

Your next step would be to get a website going where you can sell your niche product. Of course the easiest site to get going is a blog.

There are many sites online that offer free blog platforms and these sites make it super easy to set your own blog up.

Some of the most popular ones are and also provides you the option of hosting a WordPress blog on your own hosting account. They also provide you with the files and instructions on how to install them.

Make Money Online The Fast And Easy Way
Send Traffic To Your Site

Your site is useless if it does not get any traffic so this is a very important step.

There are many ways to generate traffic. But, two of my favorites are article marketing and video marketing.

Article Writing

Submitting articles to sites like and will bring in traffic from the sites themselves. And they will also bring you traffic from Google. That is to say, Google loves ranking those sites very high in their search engine.

Those article sites allow you to include author bio boxes. That is to say, you can place your sites URL that people will click on and land on your site.

Video Marketing

Video submission sites like are also great for traffic generation. Why, because YouTube gets millions of visitors to their site checking out their videos everyday.

Plus YouTube videos get high rankings in Google which also make them appealing.

So, there is the plan that will help you make money online. These steps are easy to follow and they work. But I must warn you … to reach success you need to take action on these steps and stick to it!

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