Make Money While Sleeping

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10 Business Ideas-Make Money While you Sleep

Passive Income:  Make Money While Sleeping

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Make Money While Sleeping. Would you like to make a passive income while sleeping.

Start a YouTube Channel. 

This will not make you money instantly but once you have it set up you could Make Money While Sleeping.  You must first find a niche that you are passionate about.  Make your videos on a schedule, whether that is weekly, twice a week, or daily.  how often you make videos is up to you.  Keyword research is also important so that you can rank your videos on the top of the YouTube search engine.  In order for you to monetize your channel thru YouTube, you must have at least 1000 subscribers and a certain amount of minutes viewed on your videos.

Start a Blog to Help Make Money While Sleeping

If you enjoy writing, then a blog could be perfect for you.  Simply write your content, again on a schedule, related to your niche.  You can use links to Affiliate products from ClickBank, JVZoo, or Peerfly to name a few.  Amazon Associates and Google Adsence are also great ways to monetize your blog.  Getting these ads on your site is not to difficult and there are a ton of videos to show you how.

Make Money While Sleeping

Peer to Peer lending

This is more for those of you that have some extra cash that you can invest.  Check out Lending to learn how to make this work for you.  You could make up to 10% on the money you lend.

YouTube Channel with app referrals. 

You can start a channel reviewing apps that you can fin on Google.  Find free apps that you can promote, make a video that explains what this app does and how it will benefit them.

Sell Information Products to make money while sleeping 

Create an ebook or video teaching people how to do something.  It could be anything that you know about and explain how it can help your followers.  There are a couple of places you can go to produce you course, such as Or  Teachable would be the platform I would suggest because you can set the price for your course at whatever like.  Udemy,  sorry to say, can put your course on sale and you have to roll with it, which will cut into your profits while sleeping.

Make Money While Sleeping

User Content site with ads or membership. 

This is a site that you create to allow others to to put posts on.  You can charge people for a membership which allow them to add their links to their posts,

Investing in Stocks to make money while sleeping 

Again, this is more for those of you that have some extra money to invest.  By all means, check out the book “MONEY Master Of The Game” by Tony Robbins.  In this Book, Tony Robbins will instruct you on how to invest in the stock market using a service called Vanguard.

Network Marketing. 

A.K.A. Multi-level-marketing, is a little like affiliate marketing except you not only want to sell a product, you also want the buyer to sell that product.  In doing so, your buyer recruits others to promote this product, and you get paid on a multitude of levels.  It’s a lot like a ladder.  Eric Wore is an expert on MLM and he can explain how it works by going to his website

Finally, Your own APP or Computer Program and make money while sleeping 

This is probably the most profitable ideas on this list.  There are programs available to help you create apps. is an app builder that dose not require you to know code and will take you step by step building your app.  Learning how to use code could become very useful in many ways, from building a website to creating apps, and everything in between.  Google offers an app that will teach you how to use code, it’s called Solo Learn Learn to Code, This is a Free app.

I hope that you have gotten some great ideas on how you can start making a passive income while sleeping.  I would like to thank Justin Bryant from for the use of his video.

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