Squeezematic Software-Create High Converting Sales Pages

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Squeezematic Software-Create High Converting Sales Pages

Squeezematic Software
Squeezematic Software

Create professional looking sales pages, opt-in pages for any niche you may be in. The Squeezematic Software helps you design high converting sales pages that easily download to your wordpress website.

I have been trying to design good looking sales pages for my blog promoting my internet marketing products for sometime. I would spend hours coming up with quality content and then presenting that content in a way that will drive viewers to take action. Not easy at all. People like to go to a page that looks good, is full of quality information and is easy to follow.

What Is The SqueezeMatic Software?

Internet marketers have struggled for years getting traffic to their sales pages and then when they do the page dose not convert. Then they spend tones of money on designers and developers to create professional looking sales pages that actually convert. Unfortunitly, the page cost nearly as much to create as they made.

The Squeezematic software tool will save you tons of money and time having other people design sales pages for you. This software will help you design your own landing pages that will look like a professional made them. It is really easy to use with the drag and drop functionality incorperated into a multitude of features.

Viewers want to go to a sales page that is clean, easy to read, pleasant to look at and contains value . They don’t want to see a page that is plain with hard to understand content and the page looks sloppy. That type of page simply won’t convert, no matter how much traffic you send.

The Features Of SqueezeMatic Software

  • 80 + Sales page templates a.k.a. landing page template
    Squeezematic Software-Create High Converting Sales Pages

The squeezematic software package comes complete with 80 sales page templates the you can use to create unlimited amounts of campaigns. Choose to create a campaign using a video, this software integrates with YouTube so you can easily install videos on the sales page. When Choosing a template, let your imagination go wild and make a landing page that would make you want to buy.

  • Use over 300 quality Web 2.0 graffics to add extra flavor to the page.

Catch the visitors eye with this quality graffics package. Pretty much everything you can imagine from subscribe buttons to these big red arrows on this page are just a small sample of what they have. Be creative and have fun building landing pages using as many of these graffics as you like.

 -Drag ‘n Drop Page Builder

Squeezematic Software-Create High Converting Sales Pages

You will not need to know any coding, CSS, or html. No design skills are needed at all. If I can do it anyone can.

As I mentioned before, you can use a landing page template for a campaign. It is easy to change the text on the page by simply clicking on it and adding the text you want.  Adding videos is a breeze. Get the video link from YouTube that is desired and paste it into the proper place on the sales page and you now have a video on this landing page.

The amount of features included in this software is incredible.

Believe it or not I am offering the Squeezematic software to you for FREE.  That’s right FREE!! Click the button below for your free Squeezematic page builder software. My gift to you.

Easily Create Landing Pages That Convert

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