Traffic Titan 3 Review

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Traffic Titan 3 Review

This Traffic Titan 3 Review will show you how to use this 10 software toolkit to make money from home. Use the Traffic Titan to get free and paid traffic to your website. And they can build it for you, or you can build it yourself.

Why do a Traffic Titan 3 Review

When I came across this software toolkit I was very pleased. As a matter of fact, I think you will be as well. Traffic Titan 3 comes with 10 software tools that you can use in many different ways.

Traffic Titan 3 Review
  • You can find hot niches to promote products to,
  • Search for “money” keywords that have a high search volume with low competition
  • Get keyword rich domains
  • Create a website
  • Use “money” keywords foe Google Ads and Bing Ads
  • And more

Before I take you into the members area and get into detail of the software tools in the Traffic Titan 3 Review. I need to tell you that this is a one time discount offer and you will get $10 off the regular price if you order today.

Click this link, Traffic Titan 3, and you will be taken to the Affiliate Titan X sales page. They did that for a reason. Because both the Traffic Titan 3 and Affiliate Titan X work great together, One for traffic and one for hot products. Check out my Affiliate Titan X Review Here,,,

Watch the video and get an overview of the traffic titan and make sure you check out the sales page for all the information.

Traffic Titan 3 Review

Members Area

When you get access to the traffic titan members area, you will see that it is set up in a 12 step system. In my Traffic Titan 3 Review, I’m going to switch up the steps a little bit.

Free traffic first by building a website and getting organic traffic from Google and YouTube. And then I’ll show you the paid traffic software tools.

Step 1: Quick Start Guide

Read the 53 page PDF that goes into detail on what the traffic titan is, how it can help you, and how to use the software tools. There are training videos included in this software toolkit. You will find that the videos make more sense after reading the PDF.

Step 2: The Pro Club

The Pro Club is a software tool that lists the hottest upcoming product launches in the next 30 days. This tool will also list the best selling products that launched in the last 30 days.

You could go to Muncheye and find the same product launches but there is one big difference. The Pro Club will give you Google and YouTube ranking statistics which Muncheye dose not. These statistics will show you how much, or how little competition there is for the product keyword.

Step 3: Niche Money

This is where the traffic titan 3 review starts to pick up speed with the Niche Money software tool. As you know, finding a profitable niche to promote to is crucial.

The Niche Money software will help you find a profitable niche to promote in using competition statistics. That’s right, the more competition, the less profitable.

Once you have decided on a niche, it is then time to find the keywords that relate to your niche.This is important because these are some of the keywords that you will use to rank your website.

Step 4: Keyword Titan

Now that you have found the keywords from the Niche Money software tool, you will download these into the Keyword Titan software. Once you have, the Keyword Titan will show you how much traffic and competition each keyword has. The fact is, you want keywords with a good amount traffic and very little competition.

The Keyword Titan can also be used to find “money” keywords for Google ads and Bing ads as well.

If you are a regular member you will get to search 10 keywords at a time while pro members can search 20 at a time.

Step 5: Domain Availi

This is where I am going to switch things up a bit.

The DomainAvaili software is a tool used to find keyword rich domains that rank better on Google and YouTube. The reason is, they are relevant to to your niche.

Now that you have decided on a niche, the “money” keywords and a keyword rich domain, it is time to build a website. As a matter of fact there are a couple of ways to get this done. The hard way or the easy way.

The easy way is to let them build your website for you. All you have to do is click on the big blue button on the right hand side of the page. Just so you know, having them build your website will cost a little extra. Keep that in mind.

The hard way is for you to build your website yourself. And that is where the next traffic titan 3 software comes in.

Step 6: Titan WordPress Theme

Now you will want to download the Titan WordPress Theme and install it onto your website. Don’t worry, if you haven’t built a website before, there are a ton of videos on YouTube pertaining to that subject.

Step 7: AutoMailer

This is the final step of your niche website. You see, the Automailer is a wordpress plugin that easily installs to your wordpress website. Therefore, there is no need for autoresponders like GetResponse and Aweber.

However, there are a couple of things that you need. Firstly a product and secondly, you will need traffic.

Earlier I mentioned a sister software tool called the Affiliate Titan X. This software tool will help you find the hottest affiliate products on Amazon, ClickBank, Warrior Plus and JV Zoo.

Let’s now turn to traffic, both free and paid.

Step 8: Website2Image

Create videos for YouTube using the Website2Image software.

When you access the Website2Image software, you are taken to a page with a list of products. Simply Choose a product in your niche, then go to the sales page and create slides for your video. When you have done that, then download the slides to your computer.

Step 9: Image2Video

This is the only software that you will need to install onto your computer. It comes in both 32 and 64 bit for older and newer PCs and is also available for Mac.

Once you have the Image2Video software installed onto your computer, you will need to download the slides into this software. And then add music or a voiceover and download to YouTube.

Step 10: Sites Database

Find niche specific websites to promote on with the Sites Database software.

There are a number of ways to get traffic from these niche websites.

  • Joint Venture
  • Pay Per Click
  • Shout Outs on social media
  • Solo Ads to his email list

Check out all the statistics on the website you choose and decide which marketing strategy works best for you.

Step 11: Flip DB

Flip DB is much like Sites Database because you can get niche specific websites with this software. Which means that you choose the website you want to market on and do what you did with Sites Database.

Flip DB is a software tool that lists websites that are for sale on Flippa. And you can use this information to sell your websites. Just another way to make money from home using Traffic Titan 3.

Step 12: Watch the Training Videos

Above all watch the training videos. They are packed with valuable information on how the 10 software tools work. And before long the traffic will start to roll in.

Traffic Titan 3 Review

As I mentioned earlier, this is a one time discount offer. The Traffic Titan 3 is normally priced at $27.00 but I am going to give you a $10.00 discount. And that is because I appreciate your interest in my Traffic Titan 3 Review.

You get all 10 software tools for a mere $17.00. That’s right $17.00. And there is also a 30 day money back guarantee.

Click Here For Access To Traffic Titan 3


There are 10 bonuses being offered with the Traffic Titan 3 Review.

  • T-Shirt Titan 1-4 Titan 1 tools, training videos and more.
  • Tube Maximizer WP Plugin
  • Review Buddy WP Plugin
  • Testimonial Pro WP Plugin
  • News Pro WP Plugin
  • Recently Viewed WP Plugin
  • I Ask WP Plugin
  • Advert WP Plugin
  • Azox Box Deals WP Plugin
  • No Right Click WP Plugin

I am also offering an additional bonus.

I am offering A WordPress Plugin that will create urgency and scarcity on your sales page. Therefore more conversions and sales.

Currently Viewing WP Plug-In

Download your Currently Viewing Plugin here.

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